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Pou Lung Village

pou lung village, far east vacation
Pou Lung Village

Pou Lung Village, Mondulkiri is one of the main tourist attractions in Mondulkiri. It is located close to the main town center. Pou Lung Village, Mondulkiri is known for the rich historical tradition and culture and is visited by plenty of tourists. Pou Lung Village in Mondulkiri is located near the town center of Senmonorom. It is around 10 kms from the town centre and takes around 15 minutes by car.

Pou Lung Village consists of ancient sites and historical specimens. There are also local buildings which are wonderfully designed and decorated. Pou Lung Village is a wonderful example of local rustic setting and culture. Travelers who visit the village have a feel of the diverse culture of the rural areas in Mondulkiri. Travelers can also buy local artifacts and handicrafts from the village. Travelers can also taste local mouth watering delicacies in the village. The village is also popular among travelers as an excursion spot.

Various tours are undertaken to Pou Lung Village, Mondulkiri. The tourist board as well as travel agencies organize such tours. They are mostly of single days. Travelers can hire cars, taxis and buses to reach the village.Pou Lung Village is one of the historical sites and buildings in Mondulkiri Province. The village is located along the mouth's valley which features many natural attractions such as mountains, grass fields, and wildlife. The Pou Lung villagers are predominantly indigenous groups such as Phnong, Krueng, and Stieng where their way of life is in agriculture. The village has many traditional houses constructed using old-style methods