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Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary

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Bac Lieu bird sanctuary

Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary is situated in Hiep Thanh commune, Bac Lieu town, Bac Lieu province. This is one of the most attractive eco-tourism sites in the Mekong River Delta region. As documented by Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary Nature Reserve, this was formerly a rich and diversified coastal salt forest floor with the natural salt-marsh ecosystem. At first, it was managed by a local household. After that, local authority has realized it’s important and value, so they decided to step by step invest in the area.

With the total area of approximately 385 hectares, 19 hectares among which is primitive forest, the garden is home to about 46 species of birds. Some of them have been listed in the Red Book. There are 109 species of plants, 150 species of animals living together there, constituting a harmonious eco – environment. The area has been preserved and developed so that tourists visiting the garden will have opportunity to experience the original beauty of the garden.

Several species of birds to be named include: teal, stork, heron, night heron and cormorant. The birds gather in flocks and fly for food in the early morning and return to their nests in the late afternoon. Especially, there are species, which fly for food in the night, making the atmosphere of the Bird Sanctuary less quiet.

Over nearly one century, the Sanctuary is the place where generations of birds are born, usually in rainy season, and grew up. Currently, there are some 40,000 birds and 5,000 nests in the garden, according to preliminary statistics. Birds mostly gather here during the rainy season between May and October.