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Yok Don National Park

yok don national park, far east vacation
Yok Don National Park

Yok Don National Park is a national park located in Krông Na commune, Buôn Đôn District, Dak Lak Province, Tây Nguyên of Vietnam, 40 km west of Buôn Ma Thuột. The park was established in 1991 to protect 582 km² of a biological area of khop lowland forest. The total area is 1,155.45 km² (not including a buffer zone of 1,138.9 km2). It borders Mondulkiri Protected Forest (Cambodia) to the west and is part of maybe the largest protected area complex in Southeast Asia.

The diverse kinds of forest in Yok Don National Park will be the most fascinated to many tourists. Some can be given: broad-leaf forests, sparse woods and semi-deciduous. Especially, the broad – leaf forests are evergreen and humid on the lower mountain topography. Broad – leaf tropical forest is the home of lots of precious wood such as: cam lai (Dalbergia Bariensis), trac (Delbergia Cochinchinensis), giang huong (Pterocarpus SPP), ca chit (Shorea Obtusa)… It is the bio – diversity of Yok Don National Park that makes it become precious and well-known to many visitors.

Besides the diversity of flora, Yok Don National Park is also blessed with many species of precious and rare birds and animals, including 15 fresh water fish, 46 reptile species, 62 animal species, 196 bird species, and thousands of insect species. Proudly, Yok Don National Parks preserves 38 precious animals among 56 of Indochina. 17 of them are listed in World Red Book. It is only in Yok Don National Park that you can see a huge numbers of precious animals such as: peacocks, wild bulls, water varans, gayals, sambar deer, elephants …

Yok Don National Park is warmly welcomed all visitors from everywhere to discover attractive things. Everyone can try to ride on elephant’s back for sightseeing around the forest or get feet wet across Serepok River. That would be memorable moments during your vacation to Dak Lak of Central Highland Vietnam.