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Lang Biang Mountain

lang biang mountain, far east vacation
Lang Biang Mountain

Lang Biang Mountain - The 1.900m peak is reachable by a paved path, ideal for a 3 hours hike. Also visit the minority’s village under the mountain foot. A ride in a Land Rover up to the top of Langbiang Mountain, with spectacular views of Dalat and the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Driving 12 km from the center of Dalat, people will see the Lang Biang Mountains standing high and beautiful as the roof of Dalat city. This area is typical for the tourism activities like camping, exploring the nature, and the culture of ethnic minority groups living here.

Legend has it that there was once a couple who were deeply in love with each other – the boy named K'lang and the girl named Ho Biang. But there was a feud between the two tribes so they were not allowed to get married. At last, they overcame all the prejudice and got married. They moved onto a mountain to live. Then Ho Biang was ill and K'lang tried in vain to save her. So he came back to the tribe to ask for help but the people in the tribe had shot him with a poisonous arrow. However, it was Ho Biang to be shot since she had shielded her husband. K'lang could not suffer such loss. He cried and his tear made up a big stream which is now called Dankia (the Golden Stream). After their death, Ho Biang's father was too repentant of his mistake so he unified the tribes into one called K'ho. Since then, boys and girls in K'ho group are allowed to get married to each other. The mountain in La Ngu Thuong Village where the couple died is named Lang Biang. It is to memorize the couple with profound love.

Lang Biang Mountain is considered one of the highest mountains in Dalat. This area is typical for the tourism activities like camping, exploring the nature, and the culture of ethnic minority groups here. Lang Biang is also an ideal place for adventurous activities like mountain climbing, conquering high peaks. At the foot of the mountain lies a large valley which can be regarded to as an entertainment and ecological tourist site. Tourists can join in exciting programs like camp-fire, enjoying “Can wine” with ethnic minority people while listening to their cultural stories.

When we climb to Langbian Mountains, standing on its mount peak, tourists in Vietnam travel can see the Golden Stream and Silver Stream and have an overview of Dalat. Dalat seems to be more fanciful when you observe it from Lang Biang mountain, like an aquarelle with two pieces of silk (the Golden and Silver Stream) prominently emerging among the limitless green forests and mountains.