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Xuan Huong Lake

xuan huong lake, far east vacation
Xuan Huong lake

Xuan Huong Lake was a famous place where many indigenous people of Langbian high land made their homes. In 1984, Xuan Huong Lake was emptied for renovation purposes. At the bottom of the lake, scientists found many relics belonging to the hill tribe that once lived in this area. Xuan Huong Lake is shaped like the crescent moon. People to Dalat and the town’s people use the lake as a place to meet and talk. The lake is also where many honeymooners come to visit. No admission fee but rental fees vary if you want to boat.

Approximately 5km in diameter, Xuan Huong Lake was made after two dams on the Camly River were destroyed during a storm in the 1930s. Nowadays, Xuan Huong Lake is one of the main draws of Dalat, and you can see honeymooners and local strolling its banks.