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Cat Ba National Park

cat ba national park, far east vacation
Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park is an important national park in northern Vietnam. The park is located approximately 30 km east of Hai Phong, covering about 263 km2 and comprising 173 km2 land and 90 km2 of inshore water.

Cat Ba National Park is a special-use forest in Vietnam, the world's biosphere reserve.
There is a forest type is the type of evergreen tropical rain forest, but due to terrain conditions, land and water regimes, so there is some kind of secondary forests: forests on limestone mountains, mangrove forests along the island , freshwater marsh forest on the mountain. Forests here are also many unique types of forests as ecological associations Kim Affairs (in the region near the peak of Ngu Lam) and the single best (Frog Pond area).
Botanical ingredients are 741 different species, many trees you as son of, while flowers, lim flashed, chestnut flower delivery needle, white type, for the great, the world only in the Himalayas, flooded plants 23 saltwater species, 75 species of seaweed, 199 species of phytoplankton. Garden area is available on 282 species including 32 mammals, 78 birds, 20 reptiles and amphibians, 11 species of amphibians.