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Cua Van Village

cua van village, far east vacation
Cua Van Village

Cua Van Village is about 20 kilometers from tourist wharf of Halong Bay. It's situated on a calm water area and surrounded by Van Gia lime-stone Mountain. Cua Van Village is the biggest and also the most famous fishing village on Halong Bay.

Cua Van Village comprises 176 households with the population of 733 people. The local residents here earn money by fishing, aquaculture and tourism. The allure of Cua Van floating village is formed by peaceful beauty and unique customs in daily life. At this floating village, every living takes place on the sea and goes with the sea.

Visiting Cua Van Village, tourists will have chance to experience the aquatic life of local residents and explore diverse seafood. Particularly, at the occasion of wedding or celebration, tourists can enjoy the performance of traditional music called “hat gheo” and “hat cheo duong” which are special form of oratorio with many endemic folk songs of Halong Bay.

Cua Van Village is the location of the first floating cultural center of Vietnam, which exhibits hundreds of archaeological objects including fishing facilities of ancient Vietnamese people, many pictures and documentary films about live on Halong Bay in the past and at the present.

Nowadays, as the development of tourism in Halong bay, tourism sevices at Cua Van Village are also developed along with improvement in living standard.