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Virgin Grotto

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Virgin Grotto

Virgin Grotto is situated in the Bo Hon Island together with the group of Sung Sot (Surprise) Grotto, Dong Tien Lake and Luon Grotto. It is 15km to the south from Bai Chay Beach. For some fishermen, the Virgin Grotto is their home, while for young lovers it is a symbol and romantic rendezvous. The old French named it La Virgin. A legend says that there once was a beautiful fisherman’s daughter whose family had to be servants to the rich administrator in the area. He forced the girl to be his concubine but she already had a lover, who at the moment was fishing to prepare for their wedding, and so frankly refused to marry the administrator. The administrator could not do anything to persuade her and therefore got angry and exiled her to a wild island. She suffered from hunger and died from exhaustion. One frightfully rainy night, she turned to the stone. On this same night, her lover, knowing that she was in danger, rowed his boat and he floated to a nearby island. In a flash of lightening, he saw his lover in the distance, but his call to her was driven away by the wind. He used a stone to smash against the cliff to let her know that he was coming till he became exhausted and turned to stone.

Nowadays, when visiting Virgin Grotto, inside the cave you will see the girl lying on the ground with her long hair hanging down and her eyes looking towards the mainland. Opposite the Virgin Grotto is the Male Grotto. His petrified remains still exist, with his face turned towards his mate. His passionate calls and blows against the walls of the grotto can still be heard. Reminders of that frightful night still exist after all these years: broken soil and rocks, wailing sounds of the wind, and white waves rushing.
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