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Nha Rong Wharf

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Nha Rong Wharf

Nha Rong Wharf is located at the junction of the Ben Nghe Channel and the Saigon River. And Nha Rong Wharf is a cultural site with special relics in Ho Chi Minh City, where late President Ho Chi Minh left to seek ways to save the nation.

On 5 June 1911, the patriotic young man Nguyen Tat Thanh left the country on the ship, Admiral Latouche Treville, to begin his quest for salvation. Many changes have taken place over the past 100 years but Nha Rong Wharf still exists and ideals of the young man who later became the great leader of Vietnam are still shining along with the nation.

Nha Rong Wharf was built in 1863 by French colonialists. The building was a combination of western and eastern architecture and has two dragons “dragons flanking the moon” so often referred to as “The Dragon” and the port is also called Nha Rong Wharf.

After the French colonial were defeated in 1954, the port was managed by the South Vietnam government which repaired the roofs of the two houses and replaced the old dragons with two new ones that dace outwards.

After Unification Day, the building became a historical relic and memorial area for President Ho Chi Minh.

To mark the 10th death anniversary of Uncle Ho on 2 September 1979, Nha Rong Wharf welcomed visitors to an exhibition on “President Ho Chi Minh’s career for salvation”. The Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee decided to turn the “President Ho Chi Minh Memorial” into the “Ho Chi Minh Museum” on 20 September 1982. The museum collects, preserves, displays and disseminates information about President Ho Chi Minh’s life and revolutionary career as well as his love for the southern people.

The Ho Chi Minh Museum in HCM City currently has more than 11.000 documents and items and 3.300 books on President Ho Chi Minh.

Today, the Nha Rong – Ho Chi Minh museum is a cultural site that hosts a wide range of cultural and political activities including seminars, talks, exhibitions and films about Uncle Ho. This is a glorious landmark in Ho Chi Minh City and for the history of Vietnam.
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