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Tam Thanh Grotto

tam thanh grotto, far east vacation
Tam Thanh grotto

Tam Thanh Grotto - you will see a small pagoda situated right outside the entrance gate. Different from other pagodas, this one attracts tourists for its unique and special beauty. The pagoda is constructed in 17th century with the name Tam Thanh Pagoda. Getting inside the grotto, visitors will reach the first part of Tam Thanh grotto, which is 60m long and nearly 30m wide. Tourists will be impressed by the thousand-year natural beauty of the scenery as they step in the second, the third part of the grotto. The deeper you move, the more surprised you will get.

Especially, Tam Thanh is featured by the Am Ty Lake lying right in the center of the grotto, which is always fully-filled with water. The lake is several tens square meters in area, but its landscape is far more captivating with abundant water source flowing around days and nights.

The modern combination of lights glisten the grotto and embellish the surrounding scenery. At the end of the grotto, tourists can move through a small path which leads up to a point. From there, tourists can enjoy the marvelous view over the new surrounding rural area.  

Many famous poets of Vietnam had visited Tam Thanh Pagoda and left their autographs on the beauty of the land there.

Tam Thanh, the pagoda, the grotto along with the fascinating Am Ty Lake have charmed visitors who have once came there. The grotto will surely be your destination again in near future for its beauty and peaceful atmosphere.

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