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The White Sand Dunes

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White Sand Dunes

The White Sand Dunes or Bao Trang (White Lake) is the top attraction at Mui Ne, after the beach itself. The massive, saharan dunes lay 65 km North – East of Phan Thiet. The dunes range from gold to pure white. A small stand of pine trees sit on the southern end of the dune lakes, offering a perfect spot for a picnic and afternoon nap.

The Bao Trang area has 3 lakes:
+ Bau Ong (Gentleman Lake)
+ Bau Ba (Lady Lake) which is the largest
+ Bau Xoai (Mango Lake) which is the smallest and several ponds. Bau Ba is 14.5 m at the deepest point and Bau Ong is 22 m deep. The two lake have a combined water volume of 12.131.900 m3. The shallower ends of the lakes are covered in beautiful flowering lotuses, and thus the area is sometimes referred to as “Lotus Lake” by tour companies; further adding to the great confusion of so many names for the same area. While visitors often swim in Bau Ba , this should be done with great care. Locals tell stories of many children tangling their feet in the reeds and drowning.