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Silver Waterfall

silver waterfall, far east vacation
Silver Waterfall

Silver Waterfall is far about 15 kilometers from Sapa toward Lai Chau and visitors take around 30 minutes by car to visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam. The scenery along the way, the pine forest, and the “su su” spread over the hills. With more than 100 meters high, white water poured down the stream. Others, when standing on Ham Rong Mountain, we will see the water flows down as silver so that people in here called the waterfall with the romantic name Silver Waterfall. Go over about 2 kilometers, we will come to Tram Ton where the mountain Fansipan conquest begins to conquer the roof of Indochina.

Other, hill tribe markets are the most colorful weekly fair market of hill tribes. Ethnic minority people gather there not only to buy or to sell goods but also to sip wine, which is believed to symbolize for friendship and connection. Each market has its own characteristics and beauty. Fair markets hosted weekly on:
* Sunday: Bac Ha Fair Market
* Tuesday: Coc Ly Market
* Thursday: Lung Khau Nhin Market
* Saturday: Can Cau Market
( Silver Waterfall )