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Hoi An Cooking & Community Vacation
Learn to make Vietnamese food with a charismatic, multi-lingual chef in the intimacy of her home-based cooking school. Choose 1 of 56 mouth-watering dishes, buy the ingredients fresh at the local market in Hoi An with Chef Van, and enjoy your creation. This vacation is one of the best Vietnam Vacations.
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- Tour a local market with an experienced chef
- Learn to make delicious Vietnamese dishes as you help prepare lunch
- Get plenty of hands-on experience
- Benefit from the small class size and private attention

A day at the Green Bamboo Cooking School in Hoi An will give you something you can take home and really impress your friends and family with. Experienced cooks who want to learn new techniques and amateur chefs looking for a fun day out will all find what they are looking for.

Go with Chef Van to the local market and buy the ingredients for the dish you selected in advance. Here, you will learn a lot about local produce. From the market you head to the school, located in Van’s beautiful house, where she will teach the group to make the selected dishes. There will be plenty of hands-on participation!

After everything is prepared, relax and enjoy the lunch you created, and that you can create again after you get home.


Meat / Fish Dishes
1. Pomelo salad with shrimp
2. Green mango salad with or without shrimp
3. Banana blossom salad with shrimp and pork
4. Papaya salad with shrimp
5. Sea food salad with basil and chili
6. Chicken salads with Vietnamese mints
7. Mix salad with papaya, green mango, banana blossom, lotus stem
8. Fried spring rolls with spring onion (shrimp and meat)
9. Fried spring rolls with vegetables (mushroom, carrot, taro, glass noodles, green peas) and shrimp or pork
10. Fried vegetarian spring rolls (mushroom, carrot, taro, glass noodles, peeled green peas split) straw mushroom and tofu
11. Fresh Spring rolls (spring onion, mint, lemon basil, carrot and green bean) with shrimp or pork and shrimp
12. Fresh vegetables spring roll (carrot, paprika, onion, cucumber, coriander leaves) with shrimp
13. Shrimp in tamarind sauce
14. Shrimp with lemon grass and chili
15. Stir-fried beef with lemon grass, chili with Fresh Vietnamese mustard green (Rau cải xanh)
16. Stuff squid in tomato sauce
17. Stir-fried squid with lemon grass and hot chili
18. Pumpkin soup with spring onion and shrimp
19. Stir-fried chicken with lemon grass and chili
20. Chicken curry in coconut milk (carrot and sweet potato, broad bean, coconut juice, chili, onion)
21. BBQ chicken, beef or pork stick
22. Chicken rissoles with lemon grass, garlic and shallot
23. Steamed whole fish
24. Fish cakes with lemon grass, shallot and garlic
25. Stir-fried fish with lemon grass and chili
26. Fish BBQ in banana leaf (fresh turmeric, shallot and garlic)
27. Vietnamese pancake with shrimp or shrimp and pork
28. Câu lầu (Hoi An special noodles)
29. White rice noodles and chicken with basil in soya bean and peanut sauce
30. White rice noodles with pork BBQ, raw salad and soybean peanut sauce (Vietnam special noodles)

Hoi An Cooking & Community Vacation

Vegetarian dishes

31. Vegetarian curry in coconut milk (taro, sweet potatoes, carrot, tofu, mushroom, lemon grass, broad bean and coconut juice)
32. Water spinach (morning glory) and garlic
33. Quang Nam noodles stir fried with tofu, straw mushroom, bean sprouts with fresh hers
34. Stir-fried vegetables with tofu and dry black mushroom (green bean, carrot, baby corn, white broccoli)
35. Egg plant stir fried with garlic
36. Deep fried eggplant with breadcrumbs and sweet and sour sauce
37. Dry tofu-skin salad with Vietnamese mint leaves (Rau Răm) and onion
38. Vegetarian spring rolls (green split bean, tofu, taro, carrot, glass noodles, onion, straw mushroom)
39. Fresh spring rolls (deep fried tofu, fresh herbs, rice paper) with regular soya sauce
40. Fresh spring rolls (carrot, green bean, carrot and tofu, spring onion, lemon basil, coriander and mint)
41. Fresh spring rolls with paprika, cucumber, onion, carrot, and fried tofu
42. Vegetarian Quang Nam noodle soup (Mi Quang chay) (tofu, straw mushroom, carrot, tomato, white cabbage, pineapple)
43. Fresh white noodles (vermicelli) with fried tofu and straw leek, pineapple, mushroom with soybean peanut sauce and fresh herbs
44. Fresh white noodles (vermicelli) stir fired with tofu and straw mushroom with fresh turmeric and Vietnamese mini spring onion.
45. Vietnamese vegetarian pancakes (tofu and straw mushroom)
46. Stir-fried tofu with lemon grass and chili and five spice
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